StrataFin was born out of the desire to offer small and medium sized technology companies easy access to executive financial and business expertise at the right time in the most cost effective manner.

Many small and medium sized technology businesses do not avail of the relevant financial and business expertise at the appropriate time because of cost considerations. These businesses often do not need or cannot afford the costs of a full time CFO; yet having the relevant alternatives made available to them, making the right decisions, or putting the key foundation in place can put the business on the right path to growth and profitability.

At StrataFin, our focus is on providing part time CFO services to small and medium size technology companies. Our financial executives have been CFO’s of a number of diverse technology companies and have probably dealt with similar challenges and opportunities as the one’s your business is currently facing. Our commitment to our client’s success means that in addition to addressing your strategic business needs, our executives are very comfortable rolling up our sleeves to get the job done.

Based on the existing finance/accounting resource pool, we work with our clients on assessing the cost-benefit value of our executives performing certain activities. In instances where a cheaper junior resource may be more appropriate for a particular task, we help our clients identify quality junior staff resources and once these resources are on board, we manage these junior resources on behalf of the client.

Our part time CFO services are provided under two different models based on the client’s needs:

  • Time Based: Where we allocate a certain percentage of a particular CFO Consultants resource to the client on a monthly basis and charge a fixed monthly retainer for the services. We meet periodically with the client to evaluate the results and the client’s future requirements.
  • Project Based: Here the deliverable is defined in the agreed-to proposal between the client and StrataFin. Fees are based on completion of the project. If, during the course of the project, major deviations on the scope are expected, the client and the StrataFin CFO Consultant may meet to discuss modifications to the scope and project cost.

For more details on the engagement model, refer to “How We Work”.